What is Biotechnology?

I'm interested in science. Is there a job in biotech for me?

California is fortunate to be home to approximately thirty percent of all U.S. biotech companies with more than four hundred in the San Diego region. The many job opportunities presented by such a wealth of biotechnology here in San Diego equals rewarding careers for those interested in the biosciences. Here is a great Career Guide to help you focus your search.

How do I get more information on Careers in Biotechnology

Labor Market Information

California 's Economic Development Department (EDD) has prepared a biotechnology labor report that includes information on educational requirements, detailed job descriptions and salary ranges (including 2004 data) for a wide variety of occupations in the biotech field.

Click on the links below to view specific sections of the EDD Biotechnology Report.

We recommend utilizing Biocom's local portal for career information searches and Labor Market Information (LMI) at www.biocomworkforce.org.

What is an internship?

Once you have information on an industry and/or company, what is the next step? Employers will tell you that having work experience is one of the most valuable tools you can have on your resume. An internship is an excellent way to gain work experience while under the mentorship of a company employee. An internship is:

  • A way to get on-the-job practice in job skills and find out more about the industry
  • Can last a few weeks, months, maybe a year
  • Can be part-time or full-time
  • Can be paid or unpaid

How can I find an internship?

The Miramar Amgen Teacher Support Center (MATSC) has proven to be a valuable resource for students in gaining industry-based internships in the life sciences. MATSC's mission is to inspire, educate, and prepare students and teachers in this industry. MATSC offers both high school and college internships in the Life Sciences Summer Institute program with industry leaders, including Burnham Institute for Medical Research , Salk Institute for Biological Studies , La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology or The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI).

Visit MATSC's internship page at www.matsc.org/Internships.htm to find out how to prepare for an internship.


I want to further my education. What do you recommend?

Please click here for more detailed information on a careers and career focused programs for the local biotech industry.



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