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For more information on the SCBC, it's partners and affiliated programs, contact Sandra Slivka, Director, SCBC@Miramar College, or click on a link below for more information on your specific area of interest.

Programs for Teachers, Community College Faculty and Counselors

The Life Sciences Summer Institute (LSSI)is actually two programs, one for teachers and one for students. 2010 will be the 6th consecutive year of the award winning institute. For more detail visit www.matsc.org. LSSI was featured in Best Practices in Biotechnology Education, Yali Freedman Ed.: Life Science Summer Institute Teacher Program

  • Curriculum Training (Standards Based)
    High school and community college teachers are trained on the AMGEN-Bruce Wallace Biotechnology Laboratory Program at the Biogen-Idec Community Lab. This program could be made available to middle school teachers on an case by case basis.
  • Externships
    eachers visit a variety of industry sites for half day 'externships' to view both hard skills and soft skills in practice. Exposed to working professionals in situ these teachers can explore the expectations of educational outcomes in the workplace.
  • Curriculum Sharing & Peer Networking
    Teachers have the opportunity to share-out "best practices" and network amongst each other.
  • Ongoing Support for Curriculum Implementation
    Teachers who have no equipment or follow on support receive free supplies, loaner equipment, and staff support to implement the curriculum. Grant funding from AMGEN Foundation.

Careers in Biotechnology for Career Counselors, Now in its 7th year, this annual event is in partnership with the Biocom Institute and the San Diego Workforce Partnership. Attendees are introduced to the industry and hear about career paths of industry employees in a variety of job titles at local companies. Next Counselor day scheduled for Feb. 25, 2010.

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Programs for High School Students

Life Sciences Summer Institute (LSSI) High School Student Program

  • One week 'boot camp' pre-service training
  • 7-9 week paid internship at a local research institute

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Tools for Tomorrow Series Workshops for Students and Incumbent Workers

  • Cell Culture Workshop
    This popular workshop is held 2-3 times per year. In a 8 or 10 hours format, cell culture basics are introduced to a maximum of 8 participants. All participants get extensive experience in hands on cell culture techiniques.
  • Epigenetics Workshop
    "An Introduction to Epigenetics" highlights the study of the transmission of gene expression patterns during development and in response to environmental factors. ( May 9, 2008)
  • Bioinformatics Workshop (November 3, 2007), presented by Chris Smith
    To Develop Informatics Skills
  • Introduction to RNA interference
    A one-day workshop for incumbent workers and community college instructors. Covers the terminology, methodology, and applications of Interfering RNA.
  • DNA Microarray Workshop
    A one-day workshop designed to instruct teachers in the methodology of DNA array biology and its applications to gene expression, diagnostics, and drug discovery.
  • Comparative Medicine
    Initiated in 2009 in response to industry demand were three new programs.
    • Comparative Medicine Workshop for Educators to introduce them to the importance of this field to their students
    • Comparative Medicine Internships for College Students in Local Vivaria
    • Comparative Medicine Trainings for Incumbent Workers hosted a local vivarium

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Community Events and Activities

Hi-Tech Fair
Since 2005 the SCBC has been privileged to participate in the High Tech Fair. Designed to get high school students excited about math and science and encourage them in that direction as they pursue their education goals beyond high school. Sponsored by the San Diego Science Alliance , the San Diego County Office of Education, and San Diego City Schools .

San Diego Science Festival
In 2009, SCBC and its host, Miramar College presented ‘Science Fun for Kids 9 to 99' as part of the San Diego Science Festival.

DACUM ( D esigning A C urricul UM ) ( Miramar College , December 2003)
Research Associates from San Diego biotech companies were asked to describe in detail their job duties and responsibilities. This detailed analysis was used to create a comprehensive description of what it means to be a Research Associate, including very specific skill-sets and job duties, at a San Diego biotech company. This is useful information for students, faculty and employers alike. A SCBC-sponsored event.
Click here to view the panel's DACUM chart.

San Diego Biotechnology Education Consortium
The SCBC partnered with BIOCOM, CSUSM, SDSU, UCSD and USD to form the San Diego Biotechnology Education Consortium with a goal of addressing the workforce educational needs of the San Diego biotechnology community. Please visit www.sdbiotechcareers.org to find out more about the Consortium and to view biotechnology education programs available in the San Diego region.



SCBC@Miramar College recognized as BIOCOM's 2007 Community Partner of the Year

The Community Partner of the Year award is given to recognize a partner or organization that has worked to assist efforts in the life science community. The award was presented to Dr. Slivka, Director SCBC@Miramar College by Joe Panetta, BIOCOM President and Ron Roberts, San Diego County Supervisor . The SCBC@ Miramar College has been an integral part of BIOCOM's efforts with the San Diego Workforce Partnership to help students and teachers get excited about the life sciences via the
Life Sciences Summer Institute (LSSI).

SD County Supervisor Ron Roberts
and BIOCOM President & CEO Joseph Panetta
award the 2007 Community Partner of the Year
to Sandra Slivka, Director of the SCBC@MiramarCollege




Contact Information: Sandra Slivka Ph.D., Director, Southern California Biotechnology Center
San Diego Miramar College I 10440 Black Mountain Road I San Diego CA 92126
 (619) 388-7490 I sslivka@sdccd.net

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