What is Biotechnology?

Where can I go to find more information on biotechnology?

The links to sites provided below were chosen from the thousands available to be linked to our website because they provide information on finding or furthering a career in biotechnology.

Click on a link to learn more about opportunities in your specific area of interest:

Resources for Teachers

"Great Giveaway” For Re-Purposing Excess Equipment and Consumables

SCBC collects used equipment and consumable supplies for the regional community colleges and high schools. Prompt pick-up is arranged by calling the SCBC Director Dr. Sandra Slivka at 619-388-7490 or e-mail sslivka@sdccd.edu. Donors are provided a receipt and a letter releasing liability. The SCBC collects and stores materials and makes an effort to ‘match’ school needs with the donations. “Prized” or one-of-a -kind equipment is raffled. On a first come-first served basis the “Great Giveaway” events are several times a year as a ‘come and get it’ event. E-mail to be placed on the invitiation list.

SCBC thanks the following sponsors who enable K-14 faculty to teach modern molecular biology in their classrooms through the Great Giveaway Program: Acadia, Advanced Biohealing, Althea Inc., Biogen Idec Pharmaceuticals, Biosurplus, Celgen, Pfenex (formerly Dowpharma), Epicept/Maxim, Gen-Probe, Genentech, Halozyme, Kelco, La Jolla Pharmaceuticals, Life Technologies (formerly Invitrogen), Medivas, Omega Scientific, Orphagen, Pfizer La Jolla, Salk Institute, Tanabe Research Labs, Thermo-Fisher, The Scripps Research Institute, UCSD Moore’s Cancer Center

Life Sciences Summer Institute

The Amgen Foundation has provided funding for high school outreach that allows teachers to implement the Amgen Bruce Wallace Curriculum in their classrooms. With the help of the foundation we are able to provide an outreach coordinator, loaner equipment and FREE supplies for teaching biology. Visit the Miramar Amgen Teacher Support Center (MATSC) at www.matsc.org for more information.

Resources for Students and Teachers

Job Listings


Craig's List






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Biotechnology Centers

California Community College Biological Technologies Initiative

Find biotech job descriptions, a handbook for interns, job options with a degree in biology, and lots of links to other biotech career-related sites.


The National Advanced Technology Education Center for Biotechnology. The site provides career and educational resources for teachers and students, including job and internship listings, career information and education choices.

Access Excellence

The National Health Museum's site for health and bioscience teachers and learners. A resource for anyone wanting to find out more about biotechnology and careers in biotechnology.

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Educational Resources

NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Free publications on biotech-related topics.

DACUM (Designing A CurriculUM)
Research Associates from San Diego biotech companies were asked to describe in detail their job duties and responsibilities. This detailed analysis was used to create a comprehensive description of what it means to be a Research Associate at a San Diego biotech company. This is useful information for students, faculty and employers. Click here to view the panel's DACUM chart.

Dolan DNA Learning Center
Hands-on programs are available for middle and high school students, high school and college educators, and the public including laboratory experiments, computer explorations, and an interactive museum exhibition.

San Diego Biotechnology Education Consortium
A comprehensive overview of biotechnology education, career resources and internship opportunities at community colleges, schools and universities in the San Diego region.

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Professional Associations

Association for Women in Science
National and local chapters provide resources and networking opportunities for women in science.

Biotech Employee Development Coalition
A coalition of San Diego biotechnology companies. Site contains useful career development resources and information on internships.


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Life Science Industry Organizations

Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)

BIO is a national organization for biotechnology and it web site has lots of information on what is happening in biotechnology, as well as many useful career-building resources.

http://www.biocom.org/ http://www.biocomworkforce.org
A life science organization that serves the San Diego biotechnology community. Find information about education outreach programs and a listing of many of the biotech companies found in the San Diego region.


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