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    Textbook sites Histology resources Dissection guides
    Skeletal system Muscular System Cardiovascular System
    Urogenital system Nervous system Nursing Program info
    Links for Old Medical Terms and MNEMONICS Powerpoint Lectures


    Important and Useful Sites
  • Mastering A&P (includes PAL 3.0)
  • Special pricing for Miramar students through this link
  • Mesa College's Anatomy Site
  • Van  de Graaf
  • Tortora Practice quiz
  • Anatomy Arcade
  • Saladin Anatomy and Physiology
  • Get BodySmart
  • Body Browser by Googe (requires Google Chrome)
  • Anatomy Lab Model Photographs
  • Austin CC A and P models and keys
  • Dr. C's anatomy model site from Palomar
  • Histology Resources

    Skeletal System Resources


    Muscular System

    Cardiovascular System

          circulation                after birth
    Urogential Systems
    Dissection Guides


    Nervous System

    Nursing Programs in SD county Information

    MNEMONICS and Old Medical Terms

    Other links of interest


    Powerpoint Lectures (still a work in progress)

    Powerpoint Lectures
    (you will need Microsoft powerpoint or
    download Open Office freeware or shareware programs
    that can open powerpoint files)

    Open office (windows and Mac)
    free and very good for powerpoint


    Chapter 1
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    Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6
    Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9
    Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12
    Nervous System Automonic Special Senses
    Brain Spinal Cord
    Lymphatic system
    Cranial Nerves
    Cardiovascular Arteries Veins
    Respiratory Digestive Urinary
    Reproductive Male
    Reproductive Female

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