Redi's Experiment

Francesco Redi - One of the first to disprove spontaneous generation. An Italian doctor who proved maggots came from flies. (Italian 1668)

Spontaneous Generation

Redi's Problem

Where do maggots come from? 

Hypothesis: Maggots come from flies.

Redi put meat into three separate jars.

Jar 1 was left open 

Jar 2 was covered with netting

Jar 3 was sealed from the outside

Redi's Experiment Step 1


Left open 

Maggots developed

Flies were observed laying eggs on the meat in the open jar

Redi's Experiment Step 2


Covered with netting 

Maggots appeared on the netting

Flies were observed laying eggs on the netting

Redi's Experiment Step 3



No maggots developed

Redi's Experiment Results

What did Redi's experiment show? 

Was his hypothesis correct or incorrect?

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