Apr 17, 2021
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Allen Andersen

Class Schedule

Miramar College Catalog

Email: aanderse@sdccd.edu

Office Phone: 619-388-7506

My Education:

Master of Arts in English/American Literature
San Diego State University August, 1996

Bachelor of Arts in English/American Literature
San Diego State University December, 1994
(Graduated Cum Laude with Distinction in English)

Associate of Arts in Fine Art/Art History
Mesa Community College, San Diego, CA August, 1992

A Bit About Myself:
I enjoy teaching, and much of that enjoyment comes from the nature of the job itself. Teaching is not a static occupation; it is not an assembly line where the same turn of the wrench on each bolt that passes down the conveyor leads to an identical result. I love teaching, in part, because it is rarely the same from semester to semester, from class to class, or from student to student. The unit that worked wonderfully with a particular group of learners may sometimes be less successful with another group. And therein lies the challenge that impels me to constantly work and rework my lessons to achieve the best results. Doing so gives me new strategies and tools to enhance my instruction and help my students.

Everything I do in the classroom is a product of my friendships, my associations, and my own learning experiences. As a lifelong learner, I am continually open to new methods, innovative ideas, and inspiring examples. It is this openness that spurs me on to fine-tune my lessons and improve my instruction.

I can confidently claim that creativity is one of my strong points. This is perhaps the aspect of my job that I love the most, the fact that I can make my job stimulating and fun for my students (and myself) through imagination and innovation. So many jobs aren't conducive to such approaches; I am thankful to have one that is.