Using the Cary 50

UV Vis Spectrometer Operations

For sunglasses Analysis

  Instrument funded by the planning and Budget Committee Miramar College 

Cary50 Features | Startup | Open Screen | Navigate to Expt |

Sunglass Wizard |Print data | Shut Down

Click here to see Movie on how to use the Cary50  Spectrophotometer


Varian Cary 50 at Miramar College

Features of the Cary-50 spectrometer


Turn the instrument on by pressing the power button

Before using the spectrometer, please sign the log book.

Note that as the begins to computer powerup

the Novell and Window menu will prompt the user for a password.

Simply click on cancel and continue.

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The opening screen in Windows: The opening window is shown below.

The taskbar is the bottom menu.

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Navigate:  Using the taskbar to the sunglasses analysis program

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Sunglasses Wizard:  Under the Sunglasses Program, 

Select the file menu and drag to "Sunglasses Wizard"

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Sunglasses Tester: The menu for the sunglasses UV analysis.


Standards:  The program will prompt on for the standard to be selected.


Information:  The program will prompt for information.


Test Setup:  The program will next instruct the preparation of the sample holder


Compartment Setup:  The program will next instruct the setup of the compartment for the sunglasses.


Glasses positioning: The glasses should be position so that the light passes through the lens.


Test in Progress:  The program next analyze the glasses.


Results of analysis: The data is next analyzed with the results tabulated.

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Print a hardcopy:  Select the icon on the screen to print a hardcopy of the results.

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Spectral Results:  Using the spectral view, the spectrum of the results can be displayed.

The spectrum can be printed using the print command.


Shutting Down:  After obtaining a hardcopy of the result.

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Clean Up
Upon completing the analysis
please clean up the spectrometer,
leave instrument room in clean condition.
Finally please sign off in the log book .



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