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Links to a Better Education

Become a better student... improve your study skills.
General Tips, Study Skills, Note-taking, Listening, Test Preparation, Taking Tests, Test Writing, Objective Tests, Multiple Choice Tests, Essay Tests, Exam Anxiety, The Scientific Method, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Science, Studying Chemistry, Studying Physics, Studying Biology Reading Science, Scientific Writing, Laboratory, Mathematics, Motivation, Time, Management, Procrastination, Concentration, Memory, Reading, Reading SQ3R, Reading Textbooks, Underlining, Writing, Writing Essays/Papers, Writing Centers, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling, Plagiarism, Research, Speaking, Interviewing, Assertiveness, Stress, Depression, Burnout, Groups, Homework, Online, Learning Styles, Tutoring, International, Gay and Lesbian

Relevant High School Chemistry Resources on the Web

A collection of the best Internet science sites organized into different subject areas/functions
definitions of chemical terms, chemistry help on the net, Periodic Tables, chemistry sites of general interest, chemistry link listings, data, constants and equations, tutorials on specific subjects, chemistry tutorials, (general, lecture notes, at high school sites, at university sites (elementary)), science publications, science museums, science search engines, general science sites, general science lists of links, biology sites of general interest, mathematics sites of general interest, physics sites of general interest, discoveries and inventions, astronomy and earth science sites of general interest, environmental science sites of general interest, humor, organizations, standardized tests, simulations, molecular modeling, projects, contests, AP chemistry, chemistry and food

Chemistry Tutorials

chemistry tutorials organized by subject
Classification Schemes, Atomic Structure, Electronic Structures, Nomenclature, Bonding: Lewis Dot Structures, Bonding: Ionic, Covalent, Molecular Geometry, Chemical Equation, Formulas, Stoichiometry, Mole, Stoichiometry, Periodicity, Groups, Solutions, Solubility, Equilibrium, Kinetics, Acids and Bases, Oxidation, Numbers, Oxidation-Reduction, Electrochemistry, Gas Laws, Liquids and Solids, Energy, Thermodynamics, Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Science, Materials, Chemistry Laboratory, Chemistry Safety, CBL

Math Skills for Chemistry Tutorials

mathemtaics (for chemistry) sites carefully organized for you.
Dimensional Analysis, Units, Significant Figures, Scientific Notation, Accuracy/Precision, Graphing, Graphing Calculators, TI Graphing Calculators, Spreadsheets (Excel), Graphical Analysis (Vernier), PreAlgebra, Ratios and Proportions, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics, Miscellaneous

Chemistry: The Profession

What it's like to be a chemist...
About the profession, General employment opportunities, Some specific fields

Science and ...

Ethics, Gender, Art , Culture, Literature, Pseudoscience, Skepticism, Religion, Politics, Miscellany

What's Happening at Other High School Chemistry Sites?

Links to hundreds of high school chemistry sites

Periodic Tables

An incredible variety of on-line periodic tables of different sizes, shapes, functions, and in different languages

Internet Periodic Table

Our periodic table with an interesting variety of links 

Internet Musical Periodic Table

History of Chemistry

Biographies of Chemists, Classic Papers in Chemistry, History of Science Links

Philosophy of Chemistry

Philosophy of Chemistry, Philosophy of Science


Links for Chemistry Teachers

Chemistry Lesson Plans, Science Education, Science Education (Organizations)

Links to Chemistry Laboratory Experiments, Demonstrations

Links to Chemistry Lesson Plans

General References

Only megasites in the following areas: 
Dictionaries, Encyclopoedias, Libraries, Books, The Nation, The World, News, Education, Humanities, History, Arts, Health, Business, The Law, , Human Rights, Sports

Links to Internet Resources

Web Guides, Search Engines, People Search, Technical, Internet Tutorials, "Free" ISP, Browsers, Web Radio, Internet Etiquette, Mailing Lists, Newsgroups, WebSite Construction, Software (free), Software (shareware), Software (purchase), Web email, Emoticons

Disney Chemistry Page

by Fairy Gable
Goofy's Mole Land, more to come...

A Site on Wilton High School Chemistry 

by David Jaques 

Local Links

Wilton School System, Wilton Community, Local Press, Neighboring Towns, Neighboring Schools, Connecticut

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Links to the sites that link to us and what they say about us. 



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