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WebCT Vista
Login Procedure

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Procedures to access WebCT Vista

Attention All Students Enrolled in Fully Online and Partially Online Courses:
Access to your course will be available on the first day the course starts (not before).
On the first day of class, go to:http://online.sdccd.edu/
Type your Username = 7-digit College Student Identification (CSID) number
Type your Password = mmddyyyy (birthdate with no hyphens, slashes, or spaces)
For example: 9010101 (CSID number used at registration)
06231980 (password for birthdate June 23, 1980)

Returning online students, use your current password.
Next, you will see your My Blackboard welcome page. Look on your Course List and click on the name of the course.

Your instructor expects you to login on the first day of instruction.

Prepare in advance for a successful online learning experience by completing the following:
1. Make sure your computer is ready for online learning at:
2. http://www.webct.com/tuneup Disable pop-up blockers.
3. Become familiar with the Blackboard/WebCT Vista Learning System at: http://www.sdccdonline.net/students/training/
For technical assistance, our helpdesk staff are standing by 24/7 to assist you at https://www.sdccdonline.net/help or call toll-free (866) 271-8794.