Gas Burner

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Lighting the Burner
Adjusting the Burner
Extinguishing the Burner
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Adjusting the Burner


Video. Adjusting the flame on the gas burner

IMAGE. flame

Once the burner has been lit, the flame should be adjusted so that a bluish flame containing two or more cones is visible.

In order to adjust the burner, first adjust the height of the flame by opening/closing the gas control valve. A proper flame should be the smallest flame necessary for the task being performed. A flame that is about 5-8 cm tall is sufficient for most tasks in the laboratory.

Then adjust the air control vent until the burner flame is blue and contains 2 or more distinct cones (see IMAGE below). Yellowish flames are a result of insufficient oxygen in the gas mixture. Oxygen flow can be increased (reduced) in the gas mixture by adjusting the air control vent.

Note: When adjusting the air vent, be careful not to exitinguish the flame or completely unscrew the burner tube.

check Why should the flame be a bluish color containing two or more cones? Answer

The bluish flame indicates that the gas mixture has been optimized and thus, the flame is at its highest possible temperature.

Temperature ranges of each colored cone:

part of the flame

temperature °C

inner blue cone


outer blue cone


yellow flame