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FTIR Instrument
Miramar College's
Thermo Nicolet FTIR

Miramar FTIR

Table of Content
1 Theory
2 Instrumentation
3 Basic Operation
4 Experiments
5 Animation and Multimedia
6 Literature

FTIR Miramar College

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1 Basic Theory of FTIR, University of Twente, Netherlands
2 Brief Introduction to FTIR
3 Fourier Transformed IR Spectroscopy
4 ATR-FTIR spectrometer
5 Introduction to FTIR , Thermo Nicolet
6 Infrared Spectroscopy University of Bristol
7 Introduction ot IR Spectroscopy US Department of Labor
8 IR Primer Interpreting IR spectrum
9 Infrared Spectroscopy of Organics

IR sprectrum

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1 Thermo Fisher Nicolet FTIR spectrometer
2 How an FTIR work
3 How FTIR Spectroscopy work
4 FTIR Hardware, UC Davis website
5 The FTIR spectrometer, Analytical Spectroscopy


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Basic Operation
1 Running the Thermo Nicolet FRIR-ATR Spectrometer at Miramar College
2 Components of an IR spectrometer
3 Operational Procedure, Powerpoint file from Cameron_edu
4 Operation Procedure, Montclair_edu

FTIR Diagram

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1 Three techniques of FTIR or Organic Chemicals
2 Optical spectroscopy for Proteins
3 FTIR for Dynamic Kinetics
4 Rate Constant Determination using FTIR and Mass Spec

IR Spectrum of Organics=

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Animations and Multimedia
1 IR Spectroscopy Basic idea, YouTube
2 ATR-FTIR spectrometer
3 Introduction to FTIR , Thermo Nicolet
4 IR Spectroscopy YouTube
5 Spectral City Database of IR bands

FTIR Animation

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1 Useful FTIR links
2 FTIR Tutorial
3 FTIR for protein structure determination
4 IR Frequencies, Database
5 Spectral Database
6 IR Correlation Table

IR Spectroscopy

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