Standard Operating Procedure
Varian GC 3900

Gas Chromatography

GC Setup and Operation Instructions
pdf version

Dr. Fred Omega Garces

Chemistry Department
Miramar College

FTIR Instrument



• Sign log book.

• Remove gloves when operating the computer keyboard and mouse

• Do not change any of the gas settings, all gas pressure has been set.

• Do not change any of the setting on the GC through the GC console, all parameter changes should be completed through the “Star” software via the computers.

• Clean up your mess after using the instrument. After you have completed your project, take your sample vial and empty chemical in the waste refuge container. Clean up your work area.



Quick Overview

I. Check gas regulator and gas setting, Turn on Instrument

II. Load auto sampler

III. Setup Method

IV. Acquire chromatogram   Working up and Analyze data

VI Instrument shut down and clean up


Sign in Log book and Turn on computer


Activate EZ OMNIC


Check Bench Status


NO sample in ZnSe crystal


Check Smart Performer status


Collect Background


Scan Background


Do not add window for background scan


Liquid Sample on ZnSe crystal


Solid sample in ZnSe crystal


Collect spectrum for sample


Spectrum for sample


Adding Sample Name and Open New Window


Working up data, identifying peak labels


Label peaks


Print Spectrum


Clean up


Shut down


Shut down


Shut down


Shut down


Shut down


Shut down


Shut down


Shut down


Shut down


Shut down