Electrochemistry with

EDAQ potentiostat and Pine PrintedScreen electrodes

Miramar College's
ElectroChem Station

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1 All about Electrochemistry
2 Cyclic Voltammetry Wikipedia
3 Electrochemistry Wikipedia
4 Nature of Redox Processes: Cyclic Voltammetry
5 Fundamentals of Electrochemistry , Instrumental Analysis
6 Cyclic Voltammogram, Data Analysis
7 Polarography
8 Electrodes Wikipedia

Analysis of a voltammogram

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1 Potentiostat, Wikipedia
2 eDaq Potentiostat equipment
3 electrochemial Instrumentation
4 Pine Screen-Printed Electrodes

Electrochemical Analysis

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Basic Operation
1 Running eDaq Potentiostat EA161 (2 Channel) and eCorder 401
2 Video Tutorial by eDaq:
A- How to setup the EChem Software eDaq: Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash
B- eChem to Other Software: Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash
C- Draw Baseline and integrate peaks: Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash
D- Poetentiostat Manitenance Check: Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash
E- Using Potentiostat in Galvanostat mode: Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash
F- Setup for Chronoamperometry Analysis: Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash

eDaq Potentiostat
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1 Cyclic Voltammetry of Ferrocene
2 Cyclic Voltammetry of Ferrocene Carboxylic, Experiment by eDaq
3 Determination of Vitamin-C by Analytical Voltammetry
4 Cyclic Voltammetry: An Introduction
5 Quantitative Analysis of Ascorbic Acid using Hydrodynamics Modulation Voltammetry
6 Cyclic Voltammetry of Hexachloroiridate (IV)
7 Ferrocene as internal standard for electrochemistry

Experimental Electrochemistry

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Animations and Multimedia
1 Biosensor in Electrochemistry
2 Voltaic Cells, Simple voltaic cell between zinc and copper
3 Standard Reduction Potential, Understanding half-cell potential and standard reduction potential
4 Redox Titration: Techniques in the redox titration of Fe+2 by permanganate
5 Qualitative Electrolysis: How stuff works

Voltaic Cell

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1 eDaq
2 Pine Electrodes
3 Electrochemistry Wikipedia
4 Cyclic Voltammetry Wikipedia
5 What is CV measurment
6 Journal of Chem Education: Cyclic Voltammetry
7 Signal Information and analysis
8 FAQ: Cyclic Voltammetry
History of Electrochemistry

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