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  Chemistry Digital Library
  Periodic Table
  Polyatomic Ions
  Printest Chemistry
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  FOG Supplemental Notes and Hints


Periodic Table Library
  Periodic Table of the Elements
  FOG Periodic Table (Periodic Table created in MSWord or as a png file. Courtesy of FG)
  Periodic Table Prezi Project as compiled by Chem111 students
  ChemDL Periodict Table Live: Division of Chemical Education, allows you to plot periodic trends
  Best Periodic Tables: Link from on the best periodic tables out there
  The Visual Elements PT: Photographs and description of the elements
  Periodic Table of the Elements : Interactive pdf table from Los Alamos Nat Labs
  ScientificAmerica Interactive Periodic Table: The elements Revealed, an interactive table
  Interactive Periodic Table: Flash Interactive PT that shows periodic trends
  Periodic Table from Los Alamos Labs : A resource for students of all age
  Periodic Table of the Elments : Printable Periodic Table
  ChemiCool Periodic: Another interactive PT with Click and pop
  Web Elements: First hit of periodic table in googles
  Periodic Table PDF : Interactive Periodic Table that you can download
  Animated Periodic Table: Flash web base version of periodic table and some interesting info.
  Periodic Table List: List of Periodic Table from
  GetPunk Interactive Periodic Table: An interactive way to learn the periodic table. This site creates a quiz which is a fun way to learn the periodic table.


Molecule Library
  FOG molecules (Created by MacSpartan by Dr. Garces)
  ChemSpider (Database for structure search and chemical information)
  ChemFinder (Database for molecules by CambridgeSoft)
  Common Molecules (Recipocal Net Project)
  Molecules of the Month (The original)
  (Occasional) Molecules of the Month
  Structures and 3D Molecules
  Molecule of the Month (University Oxford)
  Molecule of the Month (Science Geeks)
  Molecular Visual Resource (MolviZ.Org)
  Molecules in Motion (3D animiation)
  VSEPR (Molecular Modeling in Motion, by Ashley Jennings of Hatboro-Horsham High School)



PolyAtomic Ion Library
  List of Common Polyatomic Ions
  Taylor's Polyatomic Ion charge Rule
  Polyatomic Ions (Wikepdia)
  Formulas and polyatomic Ions for Dummies



Nomeclature Links
  Intro to Chem (Shockwave Tutorial) by Bishop
  Tutorials, Rules and Drills
  Formulas and polyatomic Ions



Pinterest Links
  General Chemistry 1 2
  Atomic Structure
  Quantum Mechanics
  Periodic Table
  Gas Laws
  Acid Base
  Coordination Chemistry
  Nuclear Chemistry



Animation Library
  Animation in chemistry
  FOG Animation (Created by MacSpartan by Dr. Garces)
  Biology and Chemistry Animation and Tutorial (North Harris Montgomery CC)
  Science and Body Animation and Tutorial (Free Animation Collection)
  Science Animation (Biology, Chemistry, Technology, Engineering, Optics, Math)
  Chemistry Animation (Chemistry animation,requires Macromedia Shockwave)
  LearnerTV Chem Animation (LearnerTV chemistry animation)



Fun Videos
  Fun Videos in chemistry
  Meet the Elements (They Might Be Giants, You Tube)




Equations and Info Library
  Usefule Information and Equations for Dr. Garce Chemistry Courses
  Chemistry 100
  Chem100 Info. Midterm
  Chem100 Info. Final
  Chemistry 152
  Chem152 Midterm Info. Page
  Chem152 Final Info. Page
  Chemistry 200
  Chem200 Info. Page
  Chemistry 201
  Chem201 Info. Page