Garces picture
Dr. Fred Omega Garces

Professor of Chemistry
Miramar College, SDCCD
Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry

Columbia University, Postdoc Fellow
UC Santa Barbara, Ph. D.  1988
San Diego State, B.S. 1982

Teaching History
UC Santa Barbara ('91-'93)
Santa Barbara City College('91-'93)
University of San Diego ('93-'96)
San Diego State University (2012)
Miramar College ('95-Present)

Personal Info.
Born: Ormoc City, Philippines
Raised in the island of Guam

I was born in the Philippines and moved to the island of Guam (Hafa Adai) when I was three years old.  I was naturalized and received practically all my K-12 education on the island.  For the most part I consider Guam my home and my family still lives on the island.  I am the second oldest of five children - two brothers and two sisters.  I move to California before my senior year of high school so that I could establish California residency so that I wouldn't have to pay out of state tuition for college.  I pretty much knew by the 11th grade that I wanted to major in chemistry in college.  I went to college because my parents  instilled the value of education to me and my  siblings as we were growing up.  I was the first in my family to get a college education.  After receiving my bachelors of science at San Diego State, I tried to find work but couldn't find a job so I applied to graduate school at UC Santa Barbara. I received my Ph.D. in 1988 with the guidance of my research advisor, Richard Watts.   In the winter of 1988 I  moved to Manhattan, NY for a  post doctoral research position at Columbia University under Nick Turro. 

My teaching experience include a summer position at UC Santa Barbara and two years adjunct position at Santa Barbara City College.  In 1993, I accepted a visiting professorship at the University of San Diego and in 1995 I accepted a tenure track position at Miramar College.  Course I have taught are, Chemistry for nursing majors, Introductory chemistry, Chemistry and Society, Preparatory Chemistry, Fundamentals of Chemistry, General Chemistry I and II, Chemical Method of Instrumental Analysis, and Analytical Chemistry.

One of my favorite class to teach is Fundamental of Chemistry (Chemistry 100) because it is a class that is very relevant to our everyday lives.  Although I prefer to teach this class in a classroom setting, I realize that there is a need to offer this course online and so I designed the lecture and lab course back in the early 2000. I have taught Chem 100/100L online since 2002. If you plan to take this course please go to the announcement page on how to add this course. Crashing Chem100 online

I have a webpage for all my courses and if you explore that page and follow the links you will find many resouce that can help you succeed in my course. You will also find the FAQ page, a resource of tutorials, department instrument page and my FOG LINK page.

You will also find photos of the construction of our science builiding and a photo gallary of our department.

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