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Preparing a Buret
Filling the Buret
Removing Air Bubbles
Reading the Volume from the Buret
Delivering Titrant
Determining the Volume Delivered
Additional Topics
Titration module

Filling the Buret


Video. Filling the buret.

Make sure the stopcock is closed, clamp the buret into place and place a waste beaker underneath the buret. Then carefully fill the buret with the titrant.

Fill the buret to near the the 0.00 mL mark, being careful to not overfill the buret. Does the buret need to be filled to exactly 0.00 mL? Record the volume reading from the buret. Determine the volume by reading from the bottom of the meniscus at eye level. All certain digits and one uncertain digit should be recorded. Most burets can deliver volumes to ±0.02 mL. (Note: volumes should be read to the hundreths place.)

If a funnel is used, pour very slowly. The volume of most funnels is greater than the volume of the buret, thus there is a potential for large spills to occur. Make sure to leave a small space between the mouth of the funnel and the buret. You can accomplish this by simply holding the mouth of the funnel a few centimeters above the top of the buret or by placing a small piece of wire between the funnel and the buret. Take the funnel out of the buret before beginning the titration.


Video. Self Check Video (no audio).

check View the Self Check video, then suggest a better way to fill the buret. Answer

Do not fill the buret directly from the carboy. Instead, fill a clean, dry beaker with an appropriate volume of titrant. Clamp the buret in place, and pour the liquid into the buret.