Lecture Repository

The Powerpoint presentations I use for my lectures are available for download via the links below. If you do not have the Powerpoint program, you can go to the Microsoft Download Center for Office and get a free copy of the Powerpoint Viewer. This program will allow you to open and view the Powerpoint lectures.

Chapter Title Lecture
11 Liquids, Solids, and Intermolecular Forces Ch. 11 pptx
Ch. 11 pdf
13 Solutions Ch. 13 pptx
Ch. 13 pdf
14 Chemical Kinetics Ch. 14 pptx
Ch. 14 pdf
15 Chemical Equilibrium Ch. 15 pptx
Ch. 15 pdf
16 Acids and Bases Ch. 16 pptx
Ch. 16 pdf
17 Aqueous Ionic Equilibrium Ch. 17 pptx
Ch. 17 pdf
18 Free Energy and Thermodynamics Ch. 18 pptx
Ch. 18 pdf
19 Electrochemistry Ch. 19 pptx
Ch. 19 pdf
22 Transition Metals and Coordination Compounds Ch. 22 pptx
Ch. 22 pdf
20 Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry Ch. 20 pptx
Ch. 20 pdf